PrivateWave On-Premise

PrivateWave Secure Communication Solutions are the most complete suite to manage the confidentiality of enterprise communications and protection for anti wiretapping:  it is the union of PrivateWave mobile applications and PrivateServer, main products developed and distributed by PrivateWave.


Thanks to the encryption on each mobile device or fixed phone, there is no weak point along the communication chain and across all IP networks crossed by every single conversation.

If your organization needs only mobile-to-mobile protection and do not mind integration with deskphones and fixed lines, you can still use PrivateServer.


You get secure communication solutions, with phone call encryption and encrypted messages, by using any mobile device that has PrivateWave App installed.

Depending on your security requirements, you can choose the security model that best fits your needs:
  • end-to-site: it provides you conference calls, conference rooms and mobile-to-fixed line integration.
  • end-to-endmaximum security to protect your mobile communications

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