PrivateWave as a Service

PrivateWave Professional is a secure communication solution to get:
  • Secure messages
  • Secure phone calls

PrivateWave Professional employs end-to-end encryption, so your data are secure even in the cloud.

You can continue to use your mobile phone for traditional phone calls without any change.

Secure messages

Simple and reliable

Our app is specifically designed to provide you easy access to a secure and advanced technology end-to-end encryption based through a very user-friendly interface.

The quality of secure calls is equal to the normal calls one.

Behind an interface so simple to use, it hides highly sophisticated cryptography algorithms and protocols, based on security industry standards.

You can try PrivateWave Professional on Android, BlackBerry OS  and iPhone for 10 days. You can use it for free.
Before downloading the software, we suggest you to verify that your mobile is supported and that all the requirements are fulfilled.