Encryption and Protocols

Here you can find a short list of the encryption algorithms and protocols currently used in PrivateWave products.

The encryption algorithms are the fundamental building blocks of encryption protocols, that when adapted with telecommunication protocols, allow the creation of Secure Encrypted telecommunication technologies:

  • TLS employs ECDHE-AES256-SHA384-GCM to symmetrically encrypt SIP and HTTP connections, given the verification of a x509v3 digital certificate with a 2048 bit RSA key.
  • SRTP uses AES256 in counter mode (CTR) for symmetric encryption in compliance with FIPS 197 security requirements, for mobile-to-mobile phone calls
  • PrivateServer also supports SRTP with AES128, for backwards compatibility with enterprise PBXs, such Cisco and Avaya
  • ZRTP uses ECDH 384bit for asymmetric encryption DH key exchange in compliance with USA NSA Suite B security requirements, the NIST SP800-56A standard and ECDSA FIPS 186-3. It can be configured to also use other ZRTP supported encryption algorithms for compatibility with ZRTP-supporting third party software, such as ECDH 521bit or DH3072.

A more comprehensive list of protocols and algorithms used is available at our support site

On top of encryption protocols we developed a proprietary Obfuscation extension to bypass VoIP censorship.

AES Encryption